Waterbuses & Ferries

Jeddah is one of Saudi Arabia’s primary resort cities and, given its proximity to the Red Sea, fishing, seafood and water-based activities dominate the culture unlike other parts of the country. Jeddah’s navigable waters are extensive and varied in form and constraints, from open sea and shallow coral reef to canal style environments.

Ultimately the JPTP Marine System seeks to utilize the exciting potential the red sea offers, both as a recreational destination in itself and an alternative commuter route along the city’s entire western edge.

The proposed Marine Network has been sub-divided into the following three regions based on nominal development boundaries and area characteristics:

  • Obhur Creek: Creek Entrance, Beach, Marina, Private resorts and future Kingdom City;
  • Corniche Waterfront: Floating Mosque, private resort; Tram Terminal, future Waterfront Development and
  • Jeddah Bay: King Fahad fountain, Marina, CBD, Bus Terminal, LRT Terminal.

Each of these regions will be served with the following three types of service:

  • Regional Service: Regional services connect suburbs-to-suburbs, key activity centres and between major hubs (e.g. Jeddah Bay to Obhur Creek). Regional services are supported by Mass Transit modes and provide interchange facilities, and these destinations are developed as transfer points for public transport.
  • Feeder Service: Feeder services connect major hubs to destinations (e.g. Kingdom City to Corniche Waterfront). Feeder services may have a function for distributing people around a large and spread-out destination.
  • Local Service: Local Services are usually short links and are designed to connect residential or recreational areas with their local activity centres (e.g. along the Obhur Creek).

The Network extends from Obhur Creek in the north, to Jeddah Bay in the south. It comprises 20 marine stations (6 in Obhur Creek, 9 along the Waterfront and 5 in Jeddah bay), an administration and maintenance depot and a fleet of 26 water buses and ferries.