Park and Ride

The Park-and-Ride (P+R) system includes 11 multi-storey car-parks located at strategic JPTP stations throughout Jeddah. The facilities are generally located in peripheral zones of the city that are either well served by major arterial roads or lie adjacent to pockets of concentrated land use. However the Park-and Ride facility is also deployed to help alleviate street congestion or enhance a particular pedestrian environment, such as at the Tahlia Street LRT station @ King Abdulaziz Road, and the Corniche Tram Station at Globe Roundabout.

Primarily, the Park-and-Ride system allows easy and convenient access for the public to park their car and transfer unto an alternative, quicker and more sustainable mode of transportation. The design is flexible to allow expansion as either additional parking or alternative commercial use. It is hoped that this flexibility will help encourage future organic growth in the form of Transport orientated Developments, which in turn would create greater efficiencies and, by virtue of convenience, more people unto the JPTP network.

The Park-and-Ride system includes 2 basic facility types; conventional and automated. The automated type achieves a greater parking density and is the preferred choice where land is of high commercial significance, such as at Tahlia West.