About Us

Our Identity

This logo is the symbol of the Metro Jeddah Company (MJC) and our Brand identity.

It comprises two primary elements; the circle (which is representative of the circular city as shown on oldest known map of Jeddah), and the letter “Jeem” (which is representative of the city’s name “Jeddah”).

These elements have been composed in a way so as to create a sense of bi-directional motion, implicate in both the nature of our transportation program (“going” and “coming”), and the motion of the red-sea as it timelessly reaches and retracts from the city’s shoreline.

The colour blue appeared the natural choice for a city culturally and materially influenced by the sea. It is also an acknowledgement of the sea’s significance to Jeddah and the many pilgrims who have historically relied on it to reach the holy cities of Mecca and Madinah.

  • The oldest known map of Jeddah showing the city contained within a circular wall

  • The Arabic letter “Jeem”