The MRT is a state-of-the-art Metro giving residents and visitors a modern, reliable and quick way to travel around the city. It is the backbone of the JPTP, forming a primary network that stretches all the way from the Obhur Creek area in the North to beyond Al Balad in the South, and from King Abdulaziz Road to the West to Amir Majed Street to the East.

This primary network connects with the two of the city’s key ‘gateways’ bringing people into and out of the city, namely King Abdullah International Airport (connecting with the world), and Haramain High Speed Rail (connecting with Makkah).

Within the city, the MRT connects with the other JPTP modes of transportation to form a dense accessibility-grid across the city. This grid is supplemented at each MRT station with vehicular drop offs, shaded walkways and pedestrian bridges. Each inter-modal transit component is designed to complement the other and accommodate all users; be they residents, workers, tourists, pilgrims, families, bachelors, or the physically less-abled.

The MRT network consists of 81 stations and 197 trainsets serving 161.1 km of route. The network is distributed across the city via the following four distinct lines:

  • Orange Line: A 44.8km line running along Al Madinah Road and Old Makkah Road, with 29 stops including one at Obhur Bridge.
  • Blue Line: A 39.6 km line running from south Jeddah to King Abdulaziz International Airport, with 18 stops.
  • Green Line: A 17 km running through the city centre, from the downtown area to Al Haramain railway station, with 9 stops.
  • Red Line: A 59.7 km line running from King Abdullah Stadium north to old Makkah Street through King Abdulaziz Road and King Abdullah Road, with 25 stops.