LRT (Light Rail Transit)

Unlike the MRT, the LRT provides a hop-on /hop-off service and runs along a dedicated right-of-way at either road or elevated level. The service is complimented by extensive landscaping along each of the transit corridors and at stations, in the form of sheltered waiting areas, walkways, street lighting, pedestrian crossings, pick-up points and information nodes.

The LRT runs in an east-west direction, from the Corniche and associated attractions (such as the floating Mosque and Aquarium), to the neighborhoods along the Haramain expressway. It comprises a total of 45 stations along three important commercial streets as follows:

  • Sari Street: 21 (double car) trainsets and 21 stations serving over 18.3 km.
  • Tahlia Street: 14 (single car) trainsets and 12 stations serving over 10.7 km
  • Palestine Street: 15 (double car) trainsets and 12 stations serving over 10.3 km.

The Palestine Street Service will subsequently be extended by a further 46km eastward to serve the Wadii Al Asla development.