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Chairman of JPTP Steering Committee’s Message

HE Prof. Hani Bin Mohammed Bin Ahmed Aburas
Mayor of Jeddah Municipality

Chairman of Steering Committee for JPTP

Jeddah, Bride of the Red Sea and gateway to the Two Holy Mosques, has witnessed unprecedented growth during the past 40 years; which led to the immediate need to develop and enhance the city’s infrastructure. And with Jeddah’s accelerated pace towards the development and improvement of roads, bridges and tunnels, we need to make a fundamental shift towards more sustainable means of transportation; whereas the need is pressing to develop a comprehensive public transportation system, that would become the preferred choice for moving around the city of Jeddah, which will definitely contribute to raising the standard of living in the city, reducing traffic congestion, pollution, and fuel consumption.

His Majesty, The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz - May Allah protect him - pays great attention to public transport projects in the Kingdom’s major cities, including the public transport project in Jeddah.

The Kingdom’s government has recognized this need and issued several decrees to solve the country’s overall public transport problem; under which the Council of Ministers issued the decree no. (131) dated 1434H (2013), to develop an integrated Public Transport Program for Jeddah, which reflects Jeddah’s nature and needs for public transport, and includes networks of trains, buses, maritime transport, Corniche vehicles, and public transport station (Al Muntalaq), as well as a Bridge over the Obhur Creek.

To fulfil this goal, and manage the execution of this huge project, the Jeddah Municipality has established the Metro Jeddah Company (MJC) in March 2013 – under the decree issued by the Council of Ministers – which is currently engaged with leading international experts in order to design a state-of-the-art integrated Public Transport System, including metro, buses, and maritime taxi networks.

Through this vital project we aim to provide a sophisticated and integrated public transport system, which will transform our city, enhance quality of life, and boost social and economic growth. We are excited to be part this future, and to turn the city of Jeddah into a role model for the rest of our beloved Kingdom’s cities.