Al Muntalaq

The Al Muntalaq (Arabic word for starting point) is a Multi-Modal Station with adjoining mixed use commercial accommodation. It is one of the most significant stations of the JPTP network and is a flagship of MJC’s wider ambition for a sustainable Jeddah through Transport Orientated Development.

The station is strategically located within the Heart Of Jeddah project (HoJ), a major rejuvenation initiative led by Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company (JDURC) and the Mayor of Jeddah. This initiative in turn is a component of the much greater regeneration of the Old Airport site. Al Muntalaq will help bolster the commercial enterprise of this very important city-core in a twofold manner; 1/ by constructing a commercial development around the station and 2/, perhaps more significantly, by connecting it to the wider city and three significant nodes; the KAIA international airport to the north, Haramain High Speed Rail station to the east and Al Balad, the UNESCO world heritage centre, to the west.

Al Muntalaq occupies a site of over 3 Hectares and consists of approximately 85,000m2 of high-end mixed use accommodation arranged around a large central plaza. The plaza acts as a central unifying device with permeable edges to facilitate and encourage easy pedestrian movement to and from neighboring developments. The plaza and buildings are covered with a semi-transparent undulating roof canopy which acts both as visible architectural metaphor to the Kingdom’s desert landscapes, and climate moderator, promoting outdoor activity via energy efficient means. The roof is dissected in two with a large “palm frond” structure where the plaza faces the hotel.

Accommodation consists of basement parking, offices, retail units, a post office, a medical consultancy, a supermarket, an upscale hotel and an IMAX edutainment theatre.